Content Creation and Marketing

A full service digital marketing agency would include a lot of things. They would provide a full fledged professional service that is required to develop and maintain the entire digital marketing strategy for your business. The foremost job of a full service agency is to maximize the efficiency of marketing campaigns and bring out the best from the campaigns.
We at Techibots believe in innovation and creativity. Our area of expertise would include providing search marketing strategies, social media strategies, content marketing strategies, analytics, email marketing strategies, consulting and many more. Our goal is to always achieve and exceed the expectations of our client.
Next comes an important question, how to select a full service digital marketing agency? What are the factors essential before choosing a great full service digital marketing agency?
Here are few important tips one must follow while short listing a full service digital marketing agency.
Checking the goals of is one of the critical factors in full service digital marketing. We at Techibots fully understand this and check with clients as what their intended targets are. We believe in giving complete clarity on the deliverables that would help the client achieve their goals.
Post checking the goals we give our plan of action to the client and have the approval from them with regard to the strategy. Whether you want an SEO focused campaign or you want to focus on PR, the client needs to define it clearly. We give complete clarity with regard to market, trends, forecasts, storyboarding, push strategy, pull strategy etc. Thorough audit and research are key to devising perfect strategy for full service digital marketing.
We at Techibots believe in providing excellent service and performance to our clients. Our idea of providing service does not end at mere providing timely reports and giving feedback. We believe in customer delight and transforming customer expectations into reality. We believe in bringing the skin in the game and be a part of our client’s success.
Once we are on a project with a client we own the complete responsibility for the performance of campaigns. While taking complete ownership of the project we also ensure that our client is having complete clarity over the deliverables. Building upon our network and links we are experts in managing different channels and management tools while taking our performance levels to newer heights each time.
At Techibots we employ experts who are all specialists in their own fields meaning you get a better level of service for the money you have spent. When compared to employing a single digital marketing resource in-house and it is much cheaper. You need to pay only on deliverables and the targets assigned instead of paying a resource even if there is limited output.
The benefit of working with us is that we fully understand your brand. As a full service digital marketing agency we consistently understand your brand values, hence every bit of work would live up to it. We need minimal management while flow of communication will be at its optimal levels. It is imperative to understand your business and craft a campaign conveying your USPs and business values. We aim to provide the highest levels of service and assure you results at its optimum levels.
Channel selection is another critical aspect that drives perfect results. We at Techibots understand this and hence we clearly define what channels we cover before you sign yourself up for a project with us to get the full service.
We at Techibots also offer design services to our clients, however this not our core area. Banners and landing pages are important aspects of digital marketing. Post defining goals and setting expectations, we as PPC Associates optimize your landing page and list out features and benefits of the campaign.