In this extremely competitive environment companies want to attain growth at the fastest possible rate. When the product profile is vast and wide it becomes a challenge for the regular marketers to cope up and deliver results. In such scenarios Growth Hacking becomes imperative to drive rapid results and deliver sustainable customer and revenue growth.
A growth hacker is no different from a regular marketer but the sole approach of a growth hacker is to grow exponentially. It replaces the generic marketing plans with tailored plans, a more agile and cross-functional approach.
Before choosing your Digital Marketing Agency it is required to check their competency and strength. Growth hacking can be adapted at any stage of the product life cycle.

A growth hacker needs to understand the below things:
Once the product is in place it is the duty of the growth hacker to understand if the product is hitting the right target. Constant feedback from the market and users is required to understand the product positioning and if the target audience is mapped correctly.
Disruptive marketing strategies are critical to growth hacking. The idea should shake things up and change customer perceptions not only about the product but about the company as a whole. A growth hacker is not afraid of trying different ways to woo customers and innovate when traditional marketing fails. By changing the face advertising and marketing disruptive marketers add new vocabulary.
A growth hacker should always keep in mind that the marketing effort should go viral. It induces users to share the marketing message across various social and networking platforms. The message should be related to products, goods, services etc. Innovation and creativity are key to viral marketing.
Growth hackers should adapt to changing technologies faster than others. Innovative marketing strategy is keys to success. Through application of modern technologies we can now direct people, generate data and help share knowledge. This can help to reach your goals faster.
Customer engagement has undergone a paradigm shift. Today each customer want personalized marketing content where they can interact with a brand through modern digital channels. Growth hackers keep this in mind and maintain one on one relationship with each client.