Sales Strategy and Re-Branding

Going door-to-door, tele-calling and travelling different places to market your product is a story of the past. Welcome to the new digital sales strategy that adapts to the ever changing technology scenario aligned with current market trends. Digital broadcasts using Social, Local and Mobile Platforms have brought a paradigm shift in Digital Sales Strategies. Today sales personnel need not take planes, trains and buses or move through neighborhoods carrying product samples, rather have your website market them using digital tools like social media platforms, emails, broadcasts and mobile apps.
We at Techibots are experts in strategizing and rebranding products as well as domains. Driving inbounds is our strength and we can give a complete action plan for the same.
Here are few important tips one must follow while short listing your digital sales strategy partner:
Ideally a sale that has been transacted through a digital medium is called a digital sales, however, over the last couple of years the dimensions of digital medium has completely changed. Traditional sales medium like the phone calls, meetings and corporate lunches have certainly taken a back seat. To add new clients companies must re-invent and re-work on the sales strategies. Social platforms these days are the best ways to develop one on one rapport with your clients/consumers.
Understand the “3 Fold Cord”: SoLoMo is essentially the 3 Fold Cord required for effective Digital Sales Strategy. SoLoMo basically stands for “Social, Local and Mobile”, a 3 layered strategy useful for any disruptive marketing strategy. With the increment in smart phone usage more and more customers are going the mobile way. To derive success and keep abreast with market dynamics one must adapt to these strategies and formulate a desired Digital Sales Strategy.
Traditional sales are a loss making proposition. Significant amount of time, energy and money are lost in acquiring a sale. You might not even reach your right target sometimes, owing to communication challenges, like client not picking the phone, client not available to meet you, etc. It is frustrating at both ends and growth targets are always hampered because of these challenges. It no longer makes sense to approach with a outdated sales strategy when more than 2 billion people are using the Internet worldwide.
Perfect designs to improve conversion ratio: Create a responsive design, a website that would adapt gracefully to any screen size providing a great user experience. This translates into better improved search engine rankings and measurable actions. Develop proper landing pages so that the customer lands accurately minimizing bounce rates and improving conversion. Initiate call-to-action buttons in social media.
We at Techibots can help clients devising a perfect digital sales strategy. The usage of virtual sales channels to reach out to prospects, offer a solution and coach on the product that uniquely meets their needs, would be a part of digital sales strategy. A perfect strategy would be developing one-on-one relationship.

Undertake a thorough customer profiling
Generate substantial target database
Use social media to broadcast and develop rapport with prospects
Generate advocate based selling, like online reviews and trends
Explore other digital channels, like social media, e-mail and automation
Write compelling content and Educate Your Customers, few strategies cited below:

    Draft Personalized Content.
    Get Curated content fromThird Party.
    Draft Case studies to visualize solutions.
    Create Web-based events to drive engagement.


In this ever changing business landscape everyone needs to keep updated with market and its trends. With the changing times one needs to change the sales strategy as well. Changing websites and emails, moving blogs, rebranding social media identities and promoting the new identity essentially make a part of digital rebranding. Digital rebranding requires time and a tremendous attention to detail. It is extremely tedious and labor intensive and we at Techibots time and proven that we are experts in it.
Changing website, email accounts, blog structures, promotional materials and social media pages could form a part a rebranding strategy
Creating a new brand identity certainly requires a new domain/website identity. While thinking about it might sound tempting, but at the backend it could be a herculean task implementing. Migrating data and content could be challenging. We at Techibots can do it seamlessly and effortlessly. Which in the end will bring cheers to our clients and soon they would feel it was definitely essential.
Over a period of time we all accumulate unwanted, irrelevant and spam messages by setting up a new email account we can get away with all these junk mails. While keeping the important data intact we can migrate to new mail accounts. It is a great way to rebrand your company.
In case your blog is independent of your website it can be easily moved to newer the content stock. However, if your blogs are integrated with the website, old blogs may not show up properly. Ideal way to do is to reformat them and fit them into the new blog. We are experts in moving them to news domains.
Promoting your new brand identity is kind of like delivering a whole new amount of work. You will have to retell the story focusing on the changes that have been done. Hence promotions are integral part of it.
Rebranding your social media accounts is imperative when you are going for an overall rebranding. It should be one of the key factors as it may impact your business in a big way. We at Techibots are pioneers in it and assist in the Social Media transitions in a big way.